Explore our firm's portfolio companies, strategically designed to keep capital actively working for investors and maximize returns.


HMF is an established company in the hard money lending industry in Dallas, TX, known for fast transactions and tailored services to its borrowers. Leveraging extensive industry expertise, it enables HMF to consistently generate impressive returns of 8-10% for investors through the origination of secure, first lien notes. With a strong emphasis on risk mitigation, HMF diligently conducts collateral assessments and ensures strict adherence to legal compliance. The company is strongly committed to delivering exceptional value to both borrowers and investors.

RFP operates as a dynamic entity within the xEquity ecosystem, creating consistent cash flow through assignment fees on single-family home transactions. It uniquely positions itself as a hub for qualified buyers, many of whom secure funding from in-house lender, HardMoneyFast. Through the implementation of robust and innovative marketing campaigns, the company consistently identifies and generates acquisition opportunities. Primarily focused on single-family homes, these acquired properties contribute to the growth and diversification of a holding fund.


Apart from its primary focus on real estate, xEquity Group exhibits a discerning eye for direct opportunities in early-stage technology and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies that possess exceptional growth potential. With an astute investment strategy, xEquity Group seeks out enterprises equipped with robust operating teams and well-established earnings. By diversifying their portfolio across multiple industries, xEquity Group demonstrates their commitment to exploring novel avenues for sustainable and profitable investments.