xEquity Group is a Real Estate Private Equity firm dedicated to maximizing asset value while mitigating risk. We grant investors the opportunity to acquire equity across a range of real estate ventures and are steadfast in helping investors realize their financial goals.

Driven by our core values of openness, accountability, and diligence, we are focused on establishing great relationships with investors, and investors tap into our vast experience in real estate investment and financial solutions to boost their ROI.

We have an eye for well-located, undervalued assets including multifamily, office, retail, and industrial property. Our strategies are aimed at mitigating risk while increasing value. We leverage our network and partnerships to ensure that investors enjoy handsome returns.

We boast a record of accomplishment in property redevelopment and capital improvement. Relying on experienced operating partners, we locate opportunities with potential for massive returns and offer diligent support throughout the investment life cycle.

Why xEquity Group?

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Our asset acquisition team pursues and assesses deals, negotiates, and sets up financing. We spot investment opportunities and provide outstanding asset management to create massive, risk-adjusted returns.

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With capital partnerships, member partners have an easy route of obtaining equity in real estate ventures. An investor’s equity interest is determined by their capital contributions.

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We have a reputation for excellence in redeveloping and remodeling property. We are big on research, and we utilize top talent, which are critical steps in improving the value of an asset.

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One of the factors that limit investors is the lack of funds. Our private lending institution provides loans to partners, thus enabling investors to achieve important financial goals. 


Our asset managers are veterans in the real estate economy, and you can trust us to make outstanding investment decisions, which goes into boosting the client’s portfolio.

Tampa Office

6801 114th Avenue, Largo, FL 33773

Dallas Office

2121 N Pearl St. #1920 Dallas, TX 75201

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